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From a Recent Newsletter...

Dear Fellow Members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Sacramento-

CCL anticipates that climate legislation will be proposed this spring or summer. Although there is no new carbon fee and dividend bill in the 117th Congress, CCL is hopeful that a bill will be released this spring and that it will be bipartisan.  Other signs are positive: the Biden administration has indicated that it will bring forward climate legislation and the Senate has formed a bipartisan (7 Republicans and 7 Democrats) Climate Solutions Caucus. The Caucus met in February with the Business Roundtable which supports putting a price on carbon.

There is increasing support from businesses for “a well-designed market-based mechanism” to fight climate change.  Businesses do not want to experience what occurred in 2019 and 2020 with regulation roll backs, a notable example being the changes to the federal standard for vehicle miles per gallon requirements, which gave car-makers whiplash.  Some of the businesses and businesspeople that are lining up to support strong climate action:

  • Business Roundtable - Carbon price

  • Chamber of Commerce - Market-based solution

  • American Petroleum Institute – Carbon price

  • Jeff Bezos, Janet Yellen, John Kerry, Bill Gates - Carbon price

  • GM - will sell only zero emission vehicles by 2035

  • Senator Mitt Romney, member of the Climate Solutions Caucus – carbon price

What can you do? Email your member of the House and Senate

There is a brief pre-filled script – but always edit to personalize your email.  Suggestions include telling your Senators and Congressperson that you support putting a price on carbon because:

  • It takes care of low income households by returning a dividend that is as much or more than will be expended, for over 60% of households.

  • It is durable and will provide stability for business

  • It will reduce emissions quickly and at the least cost


Got Questions? Ask.

Edith Thacher
CCL Sacramento Chapter Lead 


Locally, our calendar is filling up with varied and interesting events.  As part of providing information on the County and City Climate Action Plans (CAP) we are working on outreach events with other local environmental organizations, such as 350 Sacramento, Sierra Club, ECOS and Breathe.

For your viewing pleasure, we will sponsor the Wild and Scenic Film Festival – you can watch 20 environmental films from the comfort of your own home. On Earth Day – April 22.  Mark your calendar!

March Dates & Announcements:

Saturday March 13 - CCL Nation Call & Sacramento Chapter monthly meeting

National call at 10 am, the speaker is Jennifer Burney of UCSD. Her research focuses on achieving global food security and mitigating climate change.   

Sacramento chapter meeting at 10:45 am. 

March 15–April 19 - Economic Benefits of Carbon Fee & Dividend  ​​​​​​​Mondays 5-6 pm 

Jerry Hinkle, CCL economist is giving this 6-week course on the economic benefits of carbon fee & dividend.  Should be really good – Dana recommends it.  Details here.   

March 14 - En-ROADS Climate Action Simulation Game   (Role Play) On-Line, 1-4 pm 

In this Simulation participants take on roles, those of climate hawks, oil companies, governments and others. Participants work to reduce emissions and explore the impact of policies that will help limit global warming to no more than 2°C (3.6°F) through 2100 with the goal of avoiding irreversible damage to the environment, global economy, and public health.


Read more about the En-ROADS simulator:

Two minute video:

Sat March 27 - Braver Angels: Bridging the Divide on Climate Solutions

While most Americans understand that climate change is real, they disagree about how to solve it. Some seek solutions that maintain the status quo, while others believe that the problem requires major systemic changes. Many agree that the topic is polarizing. This workshop, designed in collaboration with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), teaches communication skills that will allow people to talk more constructively with each other about solutions to climate change. 

Looking Ahead For Your Calendar – Details to come

April 22, Earth Day! – Wild and Scenic Films Fundraiser for CCL Sac
$25 per ticket gives you access to 20 terrific films for environmentalists

May 13 – Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke. 6-8pm Themes: science of wildfires, public health and smoke, and what to do about indoor smoke



Monthly Donations to Citizens’ Climate Lobby are now being matched $3 to $1 for 3 months. Learn more:


Instagram???!!! Yes, CCL Sacramento has a (brand new) Instagram Account

Thanks to one of our newest members, Amaris Trujillo, the CCL Sacramento chapter has moved onto Instagram!

Instagram is a social media app that will be used to promote our chapter events and lobby actions. Our goal for the account is to attract other organizations for collaborations and to invite community members to take part in our events. Join! Post! Invite Friends!

You can follow our account below:

Instagram Username:  @cclsacramento

Instagram Link:

MARCH MONTHLY MEETING DETAILS – Saturday March 13, 10-12

FIRST ZOOM: 10:00 – 10:40 am  National Call

To connect by video conference, go to 

The Speaker: Jennifer Burney, Associate Professor, Marshall Saunders Chancellor’s Endowed Chair of Climate Policy and Research at the School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, San Diego. Her research focuses on simultaneously achieving global food security and mitigating climate change. She designs, implements, and evaluates technologies for poverty alleviation and agricultural adaptation. 

SECOND ZOOM - 10:50 am – noon  Sacramento CCL Chapter monthly meeting