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Your efforts CAN make a difference.

Add your voice to climate issues that affect where we live and play.

Take Local Action!

The most important thing you can work on between now and November 8, 2022 is getting out the vote. Anywhere in the nation is good, but there is an important race in our area.


The House of Representatives race in the Congressional District 03 will be exciting as the district has been redrawn. It now goes from Roseville and Rocklin, to Granite Bay, Lincoln, Cameron Park, Newcastle, Placerville, Auburn and Tahoe and along the Nevada border.



The Sacramento Bee had an article about the candidates on September 14 – Search “Democracy is on the Ballot in Placer County” to find it.


If you have friends, family, or neighbors in the new district, ask them to vote for the climate. Let them know the race is between a Democrat and a Republican who have never run for the House before. Let them know this is a highly contested race for California

If you would like to help make get out the vote calls (only to CCL members) let me know.

-EMAIL Edith at

Get Out the Vote!

Vote 'NO' on Measure 'A' in November

CCL Sacramento urges you to VOTE NO on Measure A-which would be a disaster for Sacramento’s climate. The Measure’s full name is “Sacramento County Transportation Maintenance, Safety, and Congestion Relief Act of 2022”.


Elizabeth Barrett and Jill Peterson have been representing CCL Sacramento to oppose Measure A, as part of a local coalition of community groups called “Measure A, Not OK”.  

Measure A is a 40-year half-cent sales tax increase that is on the November ballot. The tax will apply to Sacramento County (including all cities within Sacramento County). It will cost Sacramento County taxpayers $8.5 billion while failing to deliver on the promise of its name.  It would encourage sprawl into new areas of the County and increase air pollution. It could cause the region to miss out on state and federal funds for transportation and affordable housing projects.


Learn more here:
Article from the Sacramento Bee or search -Sacramento County Transportation Tax Proposal Offers $8.5 Billion but risks so much more

Learn more about No on Measure A and get involved:

 Website and Social Media #MeasureANotOK

Website: Measure A, Not OK (

Gmail account:  

Facebook page: Measure A, Not OK | Facebook

Twitter: Measure A, Not OK (@MeasureANotOK) / Twitter

YouTube: Measure A, Not OK - YouTube

Instagram: @measureanotok • Instagram photos and videos

County of Sacramento

Sacramento County Climate News

To get regular emails from the County
on its climate related activities sign up HERE:


Here is a video created by a coalition of local environmental groups, including Sacramento CCL, that provides more information about the weaknesses in the County CAP.




Since March of 2021, the County has released four drafts of the CAP. Jill Peterson has collaborated with other environmental groups, primarily ECOS, 350 Sacramento and the Sierra Club Sacramento to share ideas and coordinate our response. Jill has submitted four sets of comments to the Board of Supervisors about deficiencies in the CAP. The Board of Supervisors is expected to pass the CAP on September 27, 2022 over the objections of a number of organizations who feel the County would be better off with no CAP.


Read the CCL response to the most recent draft

of the County CAP HERE

County Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Make a Difference Today!

Subscribe to the CITY OF SACRAMENTO Climate News. You can subscribe to regular emails to keep informed of what is going on with the City’s climate related activities by going to

City of Sacramento

The City of Sacramento is in the process of  preparing its Climate Action and Adaptability Plan in conjunction with its General Plan Update. The City has the benefit of detailed recommendations made by the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change in 2020. This blue-ribbon group of stakeholders and experts prepared a roadmap for the Council to address
climate change.


The City has just created its first draft of the CAAP. It does not provide much detail on how it will address the challenge of climate change or how it will fund its actions.



CCL Sacramento submitted comments to the City’s’ First Draft of its CAAP prepared by members Elizabeth Barrett, Kaye Crumb, Jill Peterson and Edith Thacher.


Stay tuned for more updates on the next draft and other actions that can be taken to get the City on the right course to address climate change.

City of Sacramento Climate Action and Adaptability Plan (CAAP)

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