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The IRA is a bill passed in Congress (the Inflation Reduction Act)

that has tax credits for upgrading appliances to electric, going solar,

weatherizing your home or buying an electric vehicle.


Introductory Information about the IRA and Funding to help you go Electric

Overview of the IRA

Tax Credit Overview

How much do I qualify for? What items are included?

Rewiring America Calculator

Learn More About the Inflation Reduction Act

White House website on the IRA

White House Clean Energy

History of the IRA, its economic benefits  The Hill

IRA Guidance – it will be updated over time, so, check the site periodically    IRS IRA Guidance

Info on Energy Rebates and Tax Credits for Families

House Committee on Energy and Commerce

IRA Benefits for Healthcare, Climate + Energy, and Taxes

LA Times

Home Electrification Tax Credits - Specifics

Help Reduce Carbon and Save – SMUD’s web page

SMUD Clean Power

Rewiring America – IRA Guide

Rewiring America


Appliances that Qualify for Tax Credits- Examples

CNET Tax Credit Amounts

Electric Vehicle Tax Credits - Specifics

More Information

** Check This Section for New Updates and Information **
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