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“If the political will of the people is asleep at the wheel, then the political will of government is likely to be asleep at the wheel.” - Sam Daley-Harris, Founder, RESULTS 



Citizens' Climate Lobby is a non-partisan, non-profit, grassroots movement creating political will for a national climate change solution. 

In cooperation with the national organization, we advocate a market-based solution that both conservatives and liberals can get behind: a revenue-neutral carbon tax with 100% dividend to all American households, or 'carbon fee and dividend'.  It does not increase the size of government, it harnesses the power of investors and entrepreneurs, and it protects low and middle-income households. 


Our lobbying efforts urge our local representatives in Congress to support climate legislation and members of our chapter take that message to the local government level when we see any opportunity to speak up and be heard.



The Sacramento Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapter follows CCL's national model of activism.  

We are active in Congressional Districts 6 and 7, and work with the offices of Congresswoman Doris Matsui and Congressman Ami Bera.  

We write letters to the Sacramento Bee and newspapers across the country about the revenue-neutral carbon tax.  

We meet monthly to listen to the national conference call, the second Saturday of every month.  

We offer speakers to inform Sacramento area groups and organizations.  

We need all hands on deck to address the profound risk facing our climate - please join us!

To learn more about the national organization or our climate change solution, please visit the national CCL website.


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2022 Achievements

Members: 1000+

Published Letters to the Editor: many written and submitted, nearly 20 published!

Letters to Members of Congress: 100+


Outreach Events: Several on Climate Science, the Science of Wildfires, and the En-ROADS Climate Solution Simulator

Meetings with elected representatives and local organizations: Many

Our Goals

Create political will in the Sacramento

area for a livable world

Pass an effective, equitable, efficient

national climate bill

Have personal breakthroughs in

exercising our political voice

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